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Operating Systems: iOS 9.0+ / Android 4.2+

When using any app on an Apple iPhone platform, the device automatically sends all other open apps into inactive mode. On the Android platform, however, all open apps compete for the device's memory. As such, when using the BAKKAB app on the Android platform, it is highly recommended all other open apps be shut down first to maximize the amount of memory for recording and saving videos.

BAKKAB will work with any iOS / Apple iPhone and the following approved Samsung Galaxy Android devices with a quad-core and 4MB RAM minimum.

Note Series - The Galaxy Note smartphones have been considered the first commercially successful examples of "phablets" line is primarily oriented towards pen computing. All Galaxy Note models ship with a stylus pen and incorporate a pressure-sensitive Wacom digitizer.
    Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition [July]
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [August]
    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 [August]
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 [August]
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ [August]

S Series - The Samsung Galaxy S (Super Smart) series is a line of high-end smartphones that has co-existed with the Galaxy Note line as being Samsung's flagship smartphones.
    Samsung Galaxy S8 [April]
    Samsung Galaxy S8+ [April]
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active [August]
    Samsung Galaxy S9 [March]
    Samsung Galaxy S9+ [March]
    Samsung Galaxy S10e [February]
    Samsung Galaxy S10 [February]
    Samsung Galaxy S10+ [February]
    Samsung Galaxy S10 5G [February]  

A Series - The Samsung Galaxy A series (meaning Alpha) is a line of mid-range Android smartphones similar to the flagship Galaxy S series, but with lower specifications and features.
    Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) [January]
    Samsung Galaxy A6 [May]
    Samsung Galaxy A6+ [May]
    Samsung Galaxy A8 Star [June]
    Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) [October]
    Samsung Galaxy A6s [October]
    Samsung Galaxy A8s [December]
    Samsung Galaxy A30 [February]
    Samsung Galaxy A50 [February]
    Samsung Galaxy A10 [February]
    Samsung Galaxy A20 [March]
    Samsung Galaxy A40 [March]
    Samsung Galaxy A70 [March]
    Samsung Galaxy A20e [April]
    Samsung Galaxy A80 [April]
    Samsung Galaxy A40s [April]
    Samsung Galaxy A60 [April]

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BAKKAB employs a powerful magnet system embedded in the case allowing you to attach it to the strategic position of your choice on any piece of heavy machinery, or the ICC bumper of a trailer. An alternate simple-to-deploy quick-mount strap can be used for non-metallic surfaces.

Operators of heavy equipment, cranes and lifts can affix their Industrial BAKKAB to one location at the start of the shift and leave it there or move as needed. Truckers backing into a loading dock typically snap their Commercial BAKKAB onto the bumper at each stop and remove it after use.

Just snap or strap BAKKAB onto the best viewing location, connect wirelessly to the BK app, and your smart phone or tablet becomes a front-row seat to your task from the safety of your cab.

Magnet Mounted

Strap Mounted

IB Ag Application




1. Mount BAKKAB in the desired location/position
2. Turn BAKKAB on and activate BAKKAB app on your device
3. Confirm visual and sound activation
4. Validate settings: light level, mirroring, rotation
5. Start video recording
6. Begin backing, spotting or viewing

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Operators and drivers are solely responsible for safe operations during use of the BAKKAB Safety System. BAKKAB takes no liability for operator/driver error or any other accident/incident during operations whil BAKKAB is in use.

BAKKAB Light On and App Index Page

Validate Settings App Page




Charging the Battery: It is recommended that the BAKKAB unit be charged on a nightly basis or otherwise as needed. Use only the battery charger cord provided with BAKKAB. Plug the DC plug end into a charging port on the dash of your cab. On the back side of BAKKAB open the water/dust protection plug (see illustration) and push the pin end of the charging cord firmly into the unit. Use the twist lock ring to firmly connect the cable.

Charging Port

Cleaning: The industrial design of the BAKKAB unit is well-suited for the stringent and corrosive environment of short-term attachment to machinery and vehicles during all kinds of operational conditions and outdoor weather. However, periodic cleaning with soap and water is strongly encouraged to extend the useful life of the unit.

Cleaning BAKKAB

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