Backing Up is Challenging and Dangerous!

Industrial, heavy commercial, and semi-truck vehicle drivers spend more time in reverse each year than the rest of the world does driving forward, constantly backing into very challenging places. Accidents Have Consequences:

Lost Time and Revenue

A machine or vehicle out of service due to a backing or spotting accident is not making money for the company and putting the project or delivery behind schedule.

Vehicle & Property Damage

Expensive repairs to your vehicle or machine plus payments to remediate client or jobsite facilities reduces profitability and lowers margins.

Injuries & Fatalities

The nightmare scenario for any owner or operator of construction equipment or over-the-road vehicles is an employee injured on the job.. or worse.


In a court of law, your word alone doesn't carry nearly as much weight as a video recording providing firsthand evidence of the accident and proof of your innocence.

Introducing The BAKKAB® Safe Backing System

Get a wide-angle view of every backing and spotting/viewing challenge plus hear any sounds or guidance to help ensure a safe outcome every time!


Wireless System

Ensures reliable connection from the mounting location to the operator's mobile device

Complete Backing & Spotting System

Provides operator with a wide-angle view of every backing and spotting/viewing challenge

Ultra Bright LED Adjustable Light

Adjustable lighting brilliantly illuminates every backing and spotting/viewing challenge

The BAKKAB System

The BAKKAB Safe Backing System integrates camera, LED lighting, audio and video capture technologies into a portable, industrial strength unit that is applicable to any backing or spotting/viewing challenge.

BAKKAB employs a powerful magnet system embedded in the case allowing you to attach it to the strategic position of your choice on any piece of heavy machinery, or the ICC bumper of a trailer. An alternate simple-to-deploy quick-mount strap can be used for non-metallic surfaces.

In either case, operators and truckers alike simply return to the cab of their machine or vehicle, launch the BAKKAB app on their smart phone or tablet, and enter into a whole new world of safe spotting/viewing and backing.


Download the iOS or Android app and you’re ready to set up, back up, look down, and see a safe view from anywhere at anytime. Saved videos can be downloaded to the most popular cloud storage apps. From there, drivers, machine operators, and key members of a transportation or industrial company can view them at any time.

Store Recorded Videos Conveniently in the Cloud

BAKKAB not only gives you a safe view of your operations, it allows you to optionally record your activity and save it to your device and/or the cloud.

Provides drivers, operators and safety directors with video capture of all backing and spotting situations, including flagged videos where incidents may have occurred. This provides you with a permanent record of operations which may be as simple as complying with company policy or as powerful of providing proof of what happened in the case of an incident.
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