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The inspiration for the BAKKAB Safe Backing system comes from a veteran, teacher, and trucker turned inventor, Luke Haen. The implementation of the BAKKAB System is driven by the Wisconsin-based Haen family, a selected team of product and business development specialists, and a rapidly growing partner network.

During a career change and completion of a CDL training program, Luke encountered the ultimate challenge for every driver - frequent backing into difficult places with a large rig. While meeting the challenge, Luke felt strongly there had to be a better way. After a couple years of developing, testing and refining prototypes in actual working conditions, plus adding a product version for industrial equipment, the BAKKAB team is launching its new system in 2019.

BAKKAB Management Team

The BAKKAB® Management Team

The strong values of the Haen family - quality relationships, hard work, trust and integrity - are completely integrated into the BAKKAB team, partners, product, and business with best practices that will honor all customers along with the trucking and heavy industrial equipment industries. A percentage of each sale will be directed to veteran causes including Camp American Legion in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

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